Why Does Sinai Gourmet Taste so Different?

Why Does Sinai Gourmet Taste so Different?
July 22, 2015 Jarrod Ward

Something very interesting happens when people first taste our hot sauces; especially when those people are hot sauce fanatics. An eyebrow perks up and the lips purse. At this point, we can see the wheels turning and THE QUESTION comes: Why does Sinai Gourmet taste so different? It’s a great question.

So here is our best attempt to explain why our sauces are so damn weird (good weird) and different to your palate.

1. All our ingredients are fresh.

We really care about what we eat and we love cooking. In our eyes, when it comes to eating food, fresh is always best. So we use fresh peppers, fresh herbs, fresh lime juice, and fresh garlic. A lot of fresh!  

2. We don’t add vinegar, water, and we don’t ferment the sauces.

Almost every hot sauces you’ve ever tried had either vinegar or was fermented to give it its taste and shelf life. Some overdo it and some do it well. We take a different approach. We wanted to keep acidity low and let the pepper flavours speak for themselves. So we did.

3. Each bottle is crammed full of peppers.

If we put the uncut peppers next to a bottle you’d wonder how we fit so many peppers in each bottle. Of course, the answer is we cut them but still,  we’re pretty sure we manage to fit more peppers in each bottle than anyone else!

4. No preservatives, stabilizers, artificial ingredients, colourants, artificial or natural flavours, or other junk some manufacturers pretend are “clean”.

We believe in #eatnakedlife. What does that mean? That means our ingredients stay naked. Not dressed up, bandaged, or with all that crap you might find in other products. If you can’t find it in your grocery store – we think it doesn’t belong in your food.

5. Founder still tastes every batch.

This may seem crazy but the founder still tastes every batch before it gets bottled. It may sound like a “so what” or an “as he should” but that’s how seriously Sinai Gourmet takes the taste. If it doesn’t pass the Founders taste buds it doesn’t get to you!

We take pride in being different. Even if it would be a lot easier to take conventional approaches. It is a choice we have made – consciously and with pride – for ourselves and for you our customers!

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