Real Canadian Maple Syrup Grade A Onyx (ultra dark)

Real Canadian Maple Syrup Grade A Onyx (ultra dark)

Real Canadian Maple Syrup Grade A Onyx (ultra dark)

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If you’ve tried our maple sauces you know our maple syrup is very very good. We’ve done the work for you to identify the best in the world.  This is a healthy alternative to sugar and can be added to cooking, drinks, or whatever you want to add delicious taste to!

Ingredients: Real Quebec Maple Syrup (Ultra Dark)

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Sinai Gourmet Real Canadian Maple Syrup is a Premium Grade A Onyx colour syrup and is carefully selected from world class Quebec suppliers. To do this we taste dozens and dozens of different syrups from different suppliers. From these we test and select the very best for our products. In other words, we do this work and you don’t have to.  Simply put it is absolutely delicious and it’s the one we use in our maple hot sauces.   The wonderful thing about maple syrup is that it is a healthy alternative to sugar and it is natural. Add it to your cooking, coffee, smoothies, drinks, baking, and whatever else you want to add sweetness to! 

Pairing:  Add to marinades, vinaigrettes, coffee, tea, on pancakes and crepes. Add to your smoothies where sweetness is useful and needed.  Take a restorative spoonful and perk up your day!

Taste profile: With a dark and robust taste this maple syrup is ideal for those that love the flavour of maple syrup. Full bodied and perfect for your pancakes and waffles. This type of syrup is very good for cooking and delivers a strong natural flavour.


  • 100% Real Canadian Maple Syrup
  • Premium Grade A Onyx (ultra dark)
  • Dark full bodied and robust flavour  (almost black in colour)
  • Maple Syrup from Quebec, Canada
  • 240 mL / 8 US fl oz bottle
  • Recipes and food ideas on our Instragram!

Additional information

Weight.5 kg
Dimensions4 × 4 × 11 cm
Product Care

No special care beyond refrigeration.

Shelf Life

1.5 years


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